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Choreographing success at RIC

Welcome to GCSE and A level Dance at RIC, where you’ll not only learn to dazzle on stage but also get to grips with the rich tapestry of dance history and theory. 

A level and GCSE Dance will be introduced at RIC in September 2025. 

Our Dance courses will be designed to give you both a theoretical and practical understanding of dance. You'll master technical and performance skills, explore the art of choreography, and appreciate how dance is created, presented, and viewed. Whether you’re a seasoned dancer or just starting out, this course will deepen your understanding and critical engagement with dance.

Dive into professional dance works from renowned companies like the innovative Rambert, the contemporary edge of Alvin Ailey, and the classic elegance of The Royal Ballet. You'll tackle practical tasks in Component 1 and showcase your critical insights in Component 2’s written exam. For example, you might explore questions like “How does Christopher Bruce use movement to convey themes in 'Rooster'?” or “What impact did Marie Rambert have on the development of contemporary dance in Britain?” Whether you're pirouetting to Tchaikovsky or popping to hip-hop, RIC’s dance courses will have you covered.