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Curious about RIC? If your question is not answered below, just give us a call! 

RIC is home to 425 students. 180 or so of our community are boarders, the remainder are day students from the local area. 

We are 40% international and this year have students from 44 different countries. 

RIC students get into Russell group universities in impressive numbers each year but also to a broad range of universities and art colleges that fit their unique personalities and interests. 

The top university destinations for RIC students in the last 5 years have been UAL and UCL. 

Find out more here- University Destinations

We do offer a whizzy school minibus service for students from year 7 to sixth form which serves Sevenoaks, Tonbridge and Maidstone areas. The routes vary each year according to student demand. 

To enquire about the minibus please send an email to our admissions inbox:, which will be passed on to the transport manager or give us a call, 

The picturesque garden campus of RIC, an urban oasis in the heart of a designated conservation area, has been called Kent’s best-kept educational secret. It’s a very special learning environment that will quickly become a home from home. 

We're a short walk from the arty Rochester high-street with its coffee shops and restaurants. 

On campus, students live in mainly single study bedrooms many of which are en-suite. 

We have specialist facilities for the Sciences and the Visual Arts and facilities include an underground theatre. There's even an on site multi-use games area and gym. 

Explore our campus- Our Campus

RIC is one of the most distinctive independent schools in the UK. Harry Potter land this is not. Students and staff on first name terms and an average class size of 8. 40+ subjects to choose from at A level and flexible entry points including one year A level courses. 

RIC has a unique character where small class sizes (average of 8) see smiling students and teachers form close, respectful and productive bonds. Learn more about the school here- The RIC way

Oh, and we have no uniform so we hope that works for you- Non uniform education

The capital is in easy reach- 37 minutes by high speed to buzzing King's Cross St Pancras, 43 minutes fast to Victoria. Both Gatwick and Heathrow can be reached by car in an hour or so. 

The College is not super selective and we treat each student who comes through the door as an individual. A member of our Lower School or Sixth Form team will sit down with you, talk them through your  educational history, and then map out the next steps in the journey going forward. 

All we ask from our students is a determination to work hard and behave well.

We don't have an entrance exam for year 7 entry. 

Our international students take a friendly English test, Maths as well if you are looking to join our Lower School. 

For sixth form there are no entry exams for UK based students we look at school reports and GCSE results.

International students applying for sixth form will take our English test and may be asked to take a test in the subjects they are interested in taking at A level, or to submit an art portfolio. 

We do not have a set entry point and are happy to receive applications for students in all year groups at any point in time, subject to availability of places. 

We do offer a school minibus service, which serves Sevenoaks, Tonbridge and
Maidstone areas. 

To enquire about the minibus please send an email to which will be passed on to the transport

Our school fees can be found at the following link: Fees

Students are supported in their learning at the College and our SENCO is available to speak through any particular concerns that students may have.

Yes RIC offers a small number of scholarships to academically and creatively talented students each year. See Scholarships and bursaries for more details. 

Yes RIC offers a small number of bursaries each year to UK students who might otherwise not be able to attend the College. See Scholarships and bursaries for more details. 

International students must employ a guardian. 

We are unable to recommend guardians as this is a contract between the parent and guardianship agency.  

Yes we have a specialist medical preparation programme and a really strong track record in supporting students, including retakers, win places. Read more- Medicine and STEM

We're far from being a crammer or a retake college nowadays. 

Like many colleges (as opposed to “schools”) RIC originated back in the 80s as something of an academic rescue centre for students who needed to retake exams. We still offer bespoke retake programmes and maintain the less formal atmosphere (e.g no uniform) of a college, but has since grown organically to offer much more including a complete secondary education for children from the age of 11. 

This article might be useful in seeing how schools like ours have developed- 

Reinventing Independent sixth form colleges

It’s got a Norman castle, an ancient cathedral, fantastic views over the River Medway – and Dickens. The High Street is packed with quaint, independent shops and a great range of cafes and restaurants.

Find out more about historic Rochester here- Discover Rochester

Nopes. Almost all of our bedrooms are single, many of them en-suite. 

No. We have a lovely team of housekeepers who take care of that as well as cleaning your room. It's your responsibility to keep it tidy though! 

We have no exeat weekends and you are free to stay in College over half terms and Easter. There is an extra charge if you want to stay over Easter but half terms are included in your boarding fees. 

RIC is non-selective, meaning it enrols students with a wide range of academic interests and abilities. As a result, it is unlikley to ever threaten the super selective table toppers. 

However, RIC does make the independent school top 50 when looking at the A level value added tableIn fact, RIC performs so well at helping students surpass their expected A-level grades that it is in the top 2% for all schools in England.

RIC is not a school for conservative lovers of tradition but offers great teaching, small classes, outstanding individual care for each student in a mature, fun and inclusive environment. 

The relaxed learning environment here may not be suitable for all learners, particularly those who thrive in more structured environments.

Our super-sporty students often join local clubs as we don't have the big teams or the competitive culture of a traditional indy school. There's still a lot on offer sports-wise here though- Sport

In fact Maths and Sciences are amongst the College's strongest subjects and students consistently win places at Oxbridge and other Russell Group universities for STEM degrees, including for Medicine. 

The arts are awesome here though it's true. We won an award from the ISA for Excellence and Innovation in Fine Arts and we offer everything from Photography to Digital Media, Music Technology to Textiles and Fashion. 

Yes we have a small number of student houses for 18+ students off campus where you can live with other RIC students and have some more independence while still benefitting from being part of our boarding community. 

Hmm, sorry but no. 

But Oscar the College dog is always happy to be befriended. 

RIC was founded by two maths teachers from London. When they approached the bank to raise money for the school they were granted the funds but told ‘Pigs Might Fly’. Having proved their doubters wrong they turned this phrase into a positive and the school has taken on the mantra to show anything is possible, even against the odds.

This theme of believing you can achieve your dreams, no matter what, is continued throughout the school with dozens of tiny flying pig symbols dotted about the place including on our landmark musical gates that are the most instagrammable spot on campus. 

Every year we award several fliers of the year awards to students who have excelled, sometimes after facing bumps in their educational journeys. 

Read more about our musical Flying Pig gates here


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