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The RIC roadmap to university admissions success

At RIC we are committed to helping you get to your first choice university and a team of UCAS advisers and your Director of Studies will support you through your application.

There’s specialist preparation for Oxbridge applications as well as for medical school and other highly competitive courses such as dentistry, vet science, English and Law. RIC will help you chart a course towards your chosen direction that's tailor-made for you.

Students are guided through every aspect of their UCAS application, and offered advice on preparing applications to North American universities and those in Europe, as well as music, drama and art schools. We use Unifrog, an online platform, to help research, plan and prepare for your chosen post-RIC direction. We’ll work with you closely to refine your university choices and polish your personal statement, ensuring you are on top form and well-equipped for whatever curveballs the application process throws your way. 

This year’s application cycle has already seen some great offers showing our students successfully planning colourfully different directions including Medicine at Cambridge, History at Oxford, Philosophy at UCL, Physics at Imperial, Mechanical Engineering at Bath, Psychology at Leeds, Theatre Studies at Glasgow, Biological Sciences at RVC, Music Production at BIMM, Maths at Manchester, English and French at Bristol, Molecular Genetics at KCL, Computer Science at Edinburgh, Social Sciences at Durham, Economics at Exeter, Games Design at UAL, Animation Production at Bournemouth, Civil Engineering at Nottingham and Photography at UAL. 

Where support is made-to-measure, not uniform

Our tutors have a nifty knack for helping students get results and make applications in difficult situations including when they have needed to retake A levels. 

Click here for an article by Ian Pay, Vice Principal and Head of our Futures programme at RIC. 

Through our partnership with Dukes Plus we are able to offer RIC students a range of specialist support from the market leaders in university preparation consultancy. 

The Medic Portal 

Alongside our own specialist medical preparation programme, RIC students can access resources from our Dukes Plus partners at the Medic Portal including UCAT preparation courses and the MMI day. The Medic Portal is the UK’s leading resource for Medicine applicants, in official partnership with the Royal Society of Medicine. They have taught 40,000+ students and worked with over 500 schools. Their  website attracts millions of users every year. We're specialists in UCAT, BMAT and Medicine Interview preparation

The Lawyer Portal 

RIC students have access to The Lawyer Portal, an online resource of useful materials designed for students wishing to go onto study law and are offered an LNAT preparation course as part of their RIC university support package. 

A-List for US Applications 

We also work with our Dukes Education partners A-List, who present a series of webinars for our students on topics such as on Demystifying US Universities, US Personal Statement and How to Use the Common Application App. We also offer SAT preparation support. A-List was founded in 2005 in New York City by a team of Ivy League graduates with extensive experience in SAT/ACT preparation and US university advising.

There are no extra fees for RIC students accessing the Dukes Plus courses and support we offer integrated through our UCAS programme. 

Our Dukes Education consultancy partners do offer additional private tuition and consultancy services that are available to RIC students at an additional but discounted cost.