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Thai Scholarship Students

College life Thais in the snow Early 2012

Since 1991 the College has welcomed many outstanding young academics who win prestigious places on the programme in a national competition.

The Thai government fund the students through their A levels at the College and then through top UK universities. The scholars return home, often after completing doctoral study, and work in senior positions for the Thai government.  As well as being exceptionally academically talented in STEM subjects and international Olympiad winners our scholars are also often accomplished artists, musicians and chess players. They also enjoy cultural events and exploring Kent and further afield in the UK. 

Jiryayus Jinapong, a Gold Medal winner in the International Mathematics Olympiad joined RIC in 2019 for a one year A level course. He has just finished his first year studying Maths at Trinity College, Cambridge. Jiryayus says: “At Rochester Independent College I was taught by teachers who are excellent in the subject. With the small class size, teachers were able to answer all questions, look closely at the individual process, and give constructive feedback to homework. In addition, there was a weekly practice test to make sure that we really understood the lessons and to make us familiar with the exam style. Most importantly, teachers were supportive and helpful, and this made me feel comfortable to ask for help when I got stuck. Even though I wasn’t asked about Further Maths in the interview at Cambridge, the thinking process I have developed from the course helped me to answer difficult and challenging questions during the interview effectively.”

Diverse horizons

Some of our Thai students combine in true RIC style academic and creative interests. Alongside her Science A levels Pawita Boonrat also studied Fine Art. Another was presented to the Thai embassy in London. Pawita was at RIC from 2011-13 and after her degree in Physics completed a PhD in Laser Cleaning of Artworks at Manchester. She is now a lecturer at Prince of Songkla University in Phuket and we are thrilled to see is still a practising artist.

Thai scholars and their university destinations at Rochester Independent College since 2009:

YearNameUniversity destinationSubject
2022Suppaset Imperial CollegePhysics
2021Sanphet UCL Mathematics
2021PreeyapornUniversity of ManchesterBiomedical Sciences
2021Nutthanon University of East AngliaEnvironmental Sciences
2021WaritsaraUniversity of ManchesterElectrical and Electronic Engineering
2021Monai University of SouthamptonGeology
2020JiryayusUniversity of CambridgeMathematics
2019ThanawitchUniversity of OxfordChemistry
2018WarachUniversity of CambridgeMathematics
2017KiatmetaUniversity of NottinghamMathematical Physics
2017Varit University of CambridgeMathematics
2017AdisornUniversity of OxfordPhysics
2017Pattaraporn Queen MaryMathematics & Economics
2017PinphongUniversity of CambridgeNatural Sciences
2017RapeeUniversity of SouthamptonPhysics
ChotipanUniversity of EdinburghAstrophysics
Nonpawith UCLBiomedical Engineering
RattanaUniversity of OxfordMathematics

ChanathipBrunel UniversityPhysiotherapy
SompobUniversity of CambridgeNatural Sciences
PhattarapornUniversity of CambridgeNatural Sciences
VitUniversity of CambridgeMathematics

WipadaUniversity of DundeeDentistry
2016PanawatUniversity of CambridgeNatural Sciences
2015AnantachokImperial CollegeComputer Science 

2015JesadaUniversity of LancasterPhysics
2015AdipolUniversity of SurreyPhysics 
2015Bannawit University of ManchesterPhysics
2015JiratheepUniversity of OxfordChemistry
2014PrekamonImperial College Physics
2014MethawiUniversity of CambridgeNatural Sciences 
2014PeersakUniversity of CambridgeNatural Sciences 
2013KlaUniversity of CambridgeNatural Sciences
2013ParinyaUniversity of ManchesterPhysics
2013PawitaUniversity of ManchesterPhysics
2013PoonImperial CollegeMathematics
2013PuthipongUniversity of CambridgeNatural Sciences
2013SaowalakUniversity of YorkBiology
2013SupanutImperial CollegePhysics
2012JirraborriakUniversity of CambridgeNatural Sciences
2012OraratUCLBiological Sciences
2012SiraputUniversity of CambridgeNatural Sciences
2012NarakinUniversity of CambridgeMathematics
GunImperial CollegeComputing
2012ThongchaiUniversity of BristolComputing
2011NontanitUniversity of CambridgeNatural Sciences 

2011NuttawatUniversity of CambridgePhysics 
2011JirawatUniversity of CambridgeNatural Sciences 

2010PisakImperial CollegeMechanical Engineering
2010KaminUniversity of CambridgeNatural Sciences 

2010JirawatUniversity of CambridgeNatural Sciences 

2010ThanapatUniversity of CambridgeNatural Sciences 

2009PhakpoomUniversity of OxfordChemistry
2009SarunUniversity of EdinburghComputer Science
2009TanatornUniversity of OxfordChemistry
2009NapatImperial CollegeTheoretical Physics
2009NuttapolUniversity of ManchesterChemistry
2009TianImperial CollegeComputing