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Pre-A level course

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This course prepares international students for A-Levels in the UK, especially for those needing to improve their English language skills.

The pre-A Level course at RIC serves as a bridge between international systems and the rigorous demands of A Level education without needing to take large numbers of GCSEs. It provides students with a solid foundation across key subject areas while nurturing essential skills and study habits vital for academic success at the highest levels. Through a combination of small class sizes, expert tuition, and a supportive learning environment, students are given solid foundations for A level study. .

This course is a mix of intensive English language teaching and GCSE level academic courses. This course is perfect for students who need more English language support to achieve the level required for A level study. Day or boarding. Students will take a small number of GCSEs on this programme, often in subjects such as Maths, Physics and the Arts. Day or boarding.